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Magnetic Psycho Pick- Allen Van Wert Signature


This pick is another triangle by V-Pick, called “psycho.” This is a specialty SVPick that has three sharp points, and as mentioned before, is made of acrylic, which is very durable. However, acrylic does wear down over time and use, and the triangle provides three different points of contact.
This is one of the first SVPicks that I made, and I have been using this very pick for over a year. You can see slight dulling (Look at Picture 3) at the points, but even after a year of heavy use the points are still fairly sharp.
This is also a training pick that forced me to correct my picking technique.
Before I discovered V-Picks, my picking was unpredictable, and none of the common picks on the market provided the stability I was looking for. This all changed when I discovered V-Picks, and the picking stability they provided. All of the SVPicks provide picking stability, due to the material, and thickness. However, the Magnetic Psycho SVPick- Allen Van Wert takes it to a new level. To pick fast and accurately requires just the right amount of force, and picking area. Svpick#4 is unforgiving in its ability correct picking technique, as the pick will move quickly across the strings when using just the tip.  However, if the pick stroke is too deep, it will hang up on the strings. I learned that just the very tip is sufficient, as ell as efficient.

  • 32mm x 32mmx32mmx 6mm