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  • Magnetic Screamer Pick
  • Magnetic Screamer Pick

Magnetic Screamer Pick

$10.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price

Magnetic Screamer is a modified  V-pick. Made from clear acrylic , and features a triangle shape, that provides 3 sharp points. Although acrylic is extremely hard, it does wear over time and usage. This pick provides 3 times the playability, and by simply adjusting your grip, you can have a fresh sharp pick-to -string area. This makes picking easier as the hard acrylic point means less of the pick is needed to create the sound you desire. This pick is 4mm thick, and although thicker than your average pick, it isn’t overly thick, and is easy to hold.
It’s called the screamer because the sharp acrylic points scream over the strings.

  • 29mm triangle x 4mm thick

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