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We make custom picks with your logo or whatever else you would like to be displayed on your SVPick.

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

When we put a magnet inside a guitar pick, we knew we had a good idea. This addition of a magnet provided us the ability to put our logo on the inside as well. The process is pretty simple, we take a Psycho V-Pick with a hole in the middle, and epoxy a neodymium magnet in the the middle. Its simple, but time consuming, as we attach our logo, along with whatever personal logo, or statement, (see the picture below.) Its not everyones thing, but this little leaf is embedded in epoxy, and pops to the top in a sort of optical illusion.

Speaking of epoxy, in a prior post, I described the Magnet SVP Psycho in detail as a technique correcting device. 6mm is a thick pick and the tip to tip distance is 34mm. When holding this pick, you are conscious of the size, and unless you hold it correctly, that big E string will stop you in your tracks! However, when you you use just the tip, (Im sorry, I always get a chuckle when Im describing this part,) you will glide right through with an amazing acrylic to string crisp pick.

But wait, there's more! When I was experimenting with the epoxy, I went overboard, as I wanted to make sure the magnet was secure. This is the very pick I have been experimenting with, and I can add and remove epoxy as I wanted it. The bond with this brand of epoxy is better than I had ever expected, and I can add it and remove it as I like. However, unless I use a specific method, the epoxy to acrylic bond is solid, and I can't get the epoxy to separate. Believe me, I have tried, and these things are solid. Thats why I offer an unconditional money back guarantee.

However, I digress. The last unexpected aspect of the epoxy was to create a correct positioning of the thumb and fingers. I stumbled upon this benefit by accident when I was using larger amounts of epoxy. I had placed a fairly large dollop of epoxy on one side, and while it was still soft, I pushed my thumb down over the epoxy. When it cured, I found it created an ergonomic thumb positioner. So, when you hold it properly, an average thumb will feel comfortable. However, when held improperly, it will not feel right.

My point is that there are many aspects to these picks, and they are all designed to assist in picking technique. In addition, we can add a logo, small design, just about anything you can think of. Take a look, and if you don't like it, use it as an expensive refrigerator magnet. #neverloseanotherpick

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