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Should a new left handed guitar student play left handed, or right handed?

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

When I started to build this site, I found an old photo of myself and my brother. Of course, this was an impromptu photo session, depicting us playing stringed instruments. Im the kid on the right, holding a guitar, and my brother is sitting on the left holding a Banjo. If you haven't figured out why I find this picture interesting, take a closer look at both pictures. The newer picture is of my Stratocaster, a Right Hand model, and the older picture is of me, hold the guitar, in a Left Handed fashion. #neverloseanotherpick

I don't remember the photo, probably taken when I was 4, and I am fairly sure I was simply handed the guitar, and I held it the way it was most comfortable. Thats because I am Left Handed. Well, mostly left handed, as I kick a ball with my right foot, and I hold a pistol in my right hand. The pistol is only notable, because when I was 21, I joined LAPD, and I agonized over which hand I should wear my gun. I opted for the right side, even though my instructors taught my that I am "left eye dominant," which is a thing.

I didn't continue playing at that time, and when I finally did pick up a guitar, at 15, I put it on right handed. I don't know why I started playing right handed, I don't remember thinking too much about it at the time, or maybe it was the only guitar available? This is very interesting to me, and there are a lot of opinions out there, and there are several well know pros out there who are also left handed and play right handed.

However, I can only speak for myself, as I have several playing issues, that are on account of my picking hand (right,) being far less weaker than my fretting hand. On the other hand, I can only speculate that had I opted to play left handed, I would have had similar issues, with what would be my fretting hand. I don't know?

This issue, for me, was a contributing factor for my discovery of V-Picks, (which really improved my picking,) and inspired me to create a way of holding on to my favorite picks once had them. I hope you find this kind of stuff mildly amusing, as I am attracted to issues that inspire thought, and maybe sometimes a little controversy.

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