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I’m just a guitar player with a good idea. I’m not out to collect data.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Internet marketing is huge! It’s also convenient and fast, but it’s also dangerous. When I first introduced SVPick, and started writing blogs, the response was great, and I enjoyed interacting with potential customers. The first questions, and something my wife brought to my attention, was if a magnet imbedded in a pick would interfere with the pickups? That’s a great question, and something I want to discuss further. The short answer is no. People also asked about my motivations, and who is this that is trying to direct me to a site? I never thought about that, but I get it! one click on a button can cause a lot of trouble. Especially if they get your email and telephone. I know, I block robocalls, and I am hesitant to give out my information. This is all new to me, and I get the hesitation. For one, the prices are coming down from our basic placeholders of 25$, to 15$ on the basic SVPick. But let me assure you, Im not out to gouge anyone, or collect marketing information. should be very basic, and I will try to make it as painless and simple as possible.

Having said that, and back to the introduction of SVP, when the first blog post went out, there were other questions about the price. Admittedly, being new to business, and websites, I was hesitant to put a price on the finished product. This was because I didn’t want to ask too little, and lose money on every pick. I also didn’t want to have to jack up the price suddenly. SVPicks are hand made, and some time is spent getting them done correctly. We make sure that the SVPick will last a long time. I am also going to give a percentage of the proceeds to a wildlife charity. Im not sure which one yet, but I believe I can set up donations directly from the WIX website. Pretty cool. The reasoning for the donation and something that is very important to me; the environment and the other species we share that environment. When I was a kid, I saw someone holding a hawk on their fist, and from that moment, I was a falconer. If you haven't heard of it before, falconry is the sport/art, of keeping and hunting with hawks and falcons. Yes, our birds hunt and kill other animals, thats the point. We as falconers are privileged to be able to hunt with these magnificent birds. Its all about nature, and balance, and the preservation of the ecosystem. I don't think I have to tell anyone reading this that the environment is in bad shape. Pollution, over fishing, poaching, poisons, reduction in habitat, shooting, and even all out efforts to kill eagles, and falcons. These are all areas of concern, and they are all related, in that when mass extinctions are occurring, all because of human activity, who knows when we are next?

On the positive side, Peregrine falcons, the same species of falcon I am holding below, was almost extinct in the lower 48 states, and were rapidly declining all over the globe. All because of human activity. Taking it amongst themselves, falconers and biologists began breeding peregrine falcons in captivity, and releasing them from different areas. (I have a great LAPD/ Peregrine falcon story, if anyone wants to hear it?) They thrived, to where I was able to get on from a breeder.

I am grateful, and fortunate to be able to enjoy Peregrine falcons in the wild, I am also fortunate that I can develop and share a guitar pick, all from the comfort of home. I have a guitar pick that I am sure other player will dig. Ive put some money and effort into it, to where I am going to guarantee it for a year, as this is a quality pick. I am also going to challenge players to try my pick for 10 days. If you don't like it, money back. That seems fair, as the first ones I made, I still have.

As for the price, I am still breaking down the parts and labor, and I would have felt like an idiot if I had listed them for too little, and I had to raise the price. As I stated, I am not a business guy, and I just want to sell the picks that I use. So, I am going to bring the price down on the magnet dimension jr, magnet screamer, and magnet mummy, to 15 dollars each. Im going to bring down the price of the magnet AVW signature, I just need to look at the numbers. #neverloseanotherpick

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