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Does anyone recognize this pick? It controls pick depth, but SVPicks can do the same thing.

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Does anyone recognize this guitar pick? If not, I'm not surprised, its called a "Stylus Pick," and its been around a long time. I stumbled upon it about ten years ago, when I was trying to develop my picking technique. I was desperate at the time, my picking sucked. My goal was a fast tremolo, and a gallop, but they were both beyond my ability at the time. I think I had already discovered the V-Pick by that time, but I was still experimenting with different models. The V-Picks being acrylic, (and unforgiving,) I was continually getting my pick stuck between the strings. This was because I was using too much pick, and digging too deep. I knew that I needed to bring my picking depth up, and when I saw the Stylus pick online, I had to have it.

I bought a few, and the picture is of the one I have left. The stylus pick works by making the only surface area available to pick on a very small point. as you can see by the picture, After the small point, (well worn down by me,) the pick catches on the irregular shape of the pick. they worked pretty well, and yes they force you to pick with just the very tip, or it will snag! The only problem I encountered were that they were kinda flimsy, and wore down quickly. I think I had worn them down in a month.

This is where I got the idea about buying a "Psycho" V-Pick, which is huge, and seeing if I could use it to improve my technique? When I got the Psycho, the large size made me really concentrate on the picking angle, and most importantly, the depth. As you can see in the picture, the pick is fairly pointed, and being acrylic, does not bend. When you pick with just the very tip, it goes smoothly through the strings, but if you use too much, it stops you dead! It takes time, just like everything else, but when the feel, it moves fast, and accurately.

When it came time to select 4 picks to make into SVPicks, I knew the Psycho V-Pick had to make the cut. TheSVPick magnetic Psycho is more than just a pick, its a technique correcting pick.

As im writing, I am realizing that the last ten years have been a quest of sorts. I wanted to play fast and accurately, and my picking hand was letting me down. My picks were also letting me down. No names, this isn't about good and bad picks, and Ive bought picks from all over the world. This is about picking technique, and what works for me, and you. When I found V-Picks, my picking improved dramatically, not from any added technique, but just from the way my fingers felt when I held them. The acrylic, and thickness, they just felt better to me, and it helped to where I knew I would never need to look for any other picks.

Additionally, It wasn't a google search that brought my to V-Picks, it was one video I had found on youtube. I was looking for picking technique videos, and I stumbled upon a guitar teacher, and performer named Allen Van Wert. He was demonstrating V-Picks while he was playing faster and cleaner than anyone I have ever seen. I ended up contacting Allen, took a guitar lesson from him, and he told me about an online picking program he had created, utilizing Artificial Intelligence. It called the Ultimate Picking program, and I am sure I will go into much more detail at a later time. I bought the program, and I have been using it for over a year now. All I can say, is it works, and I have exercises of his that I use on a daily basis.

When I was thinking about making a signature SVPick, Allen was the first person that came to mind. I contacted Allen and asked if he wanted a signature pick? He said yes, and now we have the SVPick Allen Van Wert signature guitar pick.

Allen and I have discussed the benefits of the SVP AVW signature pick, and in addition to technique correction, Allen found that he can quickly put the pick down, (magnetically), and grab it quickly after using a two hand tapping technique on the strings. We have just begun discussing the positive attributes this pick brings technique correction. We will see what the future holds, but picking technique is so important. Expect some videos soon.

If you recall, my picking goals were to develop a tremolo, learn to gallop, and increase my speed and accuracy. Well, I have developed both of those to where I can play The Trooper by Iron Maiden, Alien By Pennywise, and I am messing around with Flight of the Bumblebee. My musical taste is a bit eccentric, and changes weekly depending upon what I hear. It still takes me forever to warm up, and I haven't even gotten into the nerve damage in my neck. Thats another issue, and beyond a pretty exciting LAPD story, I screwed my neck up to where I've got numbness in both hands.

Ive been fortunate to where I have a lot of time to practice, and in all honesty I play about 5 hours a day. Some days are better than others, and I have to say that yesterday was a good practice session. So, yeah, I can play really fast sometimes, and with any luck, I will be able to catch it on video. Thats an issue I am working on, (a bit of performance anxiety,) to where I can be playing great, but if I hit record, I fall apart. Im not going to get into how hard I am on myself, and although I am playing fast, and I am getting accurate, its never quite good enough. Enough about me and my issues, lets talk about your goals in guitar playing.

In my opinion, a solid tremolo, or fast alternate picking on a single string is a must. Does anyone have an opinion they would like to share?


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