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Never lose another pick

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        You may not have heard of the SVPick, yet, but you have probably heard of V-Picks.  V-Picks are specialty picks, made of acrylic, and are far more harder and durable than typical picks that are made from nylon, celluloid or Derlin. V-Picks are hand made, and come in many different sizes. Being a specialty pick, the V-Pick is more expensive than typical guitar picks, and once you have decided on your favorite V-Pick, or picks, other picks just won’t do the job. The problem with a favorite pick, is losing it. We here at have taken a selection of our favorite V-Picks, and we embedded a magnet inside. This small addition took us by surprise as the magnet worked better than we thought it would. It sticks to most of the metal parts of the guitar, is secure, and is easy to grab when you need it. They also stick together, making it easy to keep track of your favorite SVPick. We’ve turned 4 of our favorite V-Picks into SVPicks, but we aren’t limited to 4.  Ask about our custom SVPick, that you can decide which V-Pick you would like modified. We can even add your own logo or design. 
        We’ve (I’ve) been using SVPicks for about a year now, and even while traveling (which I do a lot of,) I haven’t lost a one. Which is why we say #neverloseanotherpick.
        If you have too many, use them as refrigerator magnets. We’re also getting ready to release an SVPick necklace, that securely holds two SVPicks together. You will never be away from home without your favorite pick. 


When I became accustomed to using a V-Pick, and subsequently the svpick, other picks became almost useless. I travel a lot, so if I am on the road, I like to have my favorite svpick available. I used to carry a pick in my pocket, (like most guitarists do,) but they are easy to lose that way, and an svpick is more expensive to replace than a celluloid pick. I solved this problem by sandwiching two svpicks around a rubber pick necklace. I removed the rubber interior of the necklace, leaving the thicker outline of the pick intact. The two svpicks hold together quite securely, making it almost impossible to lose.  I’ve been wearing this necklace for several months, and when I need my favorite pick, or picks, I have them. Join our mailing list to be the first to know about our new products and release dates!

Ive always been a finger picker, but when I tried an SVPick, sure it felt odd at first. But after a while it just felt right-

Erich Hebner

Its a great idea, I wish I'd thought of it-

Vinni Smith, V-Pick Owner

I showed it to people in a group lesson, they loved it. I showed how I can put the pick on the hardware for tapping. It stays where I put it, then I grab it back after. And they stay together when I don't use them.Yeah, its useful beyond what I expected -

Allen Van Wert, professional guitarist, teacher, performer. Dubbed, "fastest guitarist."


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